About us

Learn more about PopUnderSTAR and the team behind it.

Our vision and goal

We, at PopUnderSTAR, are attempting to bring back and improve an amazing ad format that was ruined by greed

We all are well aware that pop-unders are not a new ad format. They have been around for quite a few years now and their performance in terms of conversion rates used to be great, however greed happened.

We, at PopUnderSTAR take a different approach. We attempt to improve the user experience and the way we serve our pop-unders, therefor improving the quality of the traffic and the income generated.

The technical stuff...

Unlike traditional pop-unders that usually are being fired on a dom event, we, at PopUnderSTAR, took a different approach. Our javascript library will add a target="_blank" to part of your website links and make them open in a new tab. The tab that stays behind is where the ad will be shown.

This is our way to take care of the UX problem that consists of annoying the visitors of a website by launching a new window with any action they take on a page, and having the website demoted in search engines.

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A team with more than 11 years of experience

DRS MEDIA has been a major player within the advertising industry for more than a decade. We have successfully tackled various ad formats and we alywas managed to deliver quality to our clients. Check out some of our other platforms.


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