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Our approach to pop-under advertising not only improves the user experience which benefits the webmasters, it also drastically improves the conversion rate for our advertisers.

The reason why we state the above is quite simple, research shows that the visitors of websites which offer good UX are approximately 470% more likely to take interest in an ad. Yes, when we compare our numbers against what other ad networks deliver, our conversion rates are approximately 470% higher.

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We see things from a business standpoint and we act accordingly. We know that advertisers don't come to us juse because we look pretty, they want the money they invest back and some more.

To insure that your R.O.I. is where it is supposed to be we've developed numerous functions and algorithms that will automatically optimize your campaigns and improve your conversion rates.


Pinpoint the right audiences for your campaings with the help of our top-notch targeting options.

Targeting options for any campaign


You can choose whether you want your campaign to be shown in one or more countries.

Niche targeting

Select the right vertical for your campaign. You are free to choose more than one.

Browser targeting

You can handpick any of the known browsers you want your campaign to be shown for.

Operating system targeting

You will be able to select the operating systems you want your campaign to be shown for.

Origin targeting

You can target your campaign based on the pages or websites the visitor previously accessed.

Engagement targeting

You have the ability to display your campaign only to visitors with a certain engagement level.

  Designed to reduce costs  

A real time bidding system that you'll love!

PopUnderSTAR's development team designed a RTB ( real time bidding ) system that will help you buy the most traffic for the lowest cost possible.

Our RTB system allows you to set a maximum desired bid you are willing to pay per 1000 visits but will only pay 1 cent more than the next competitor.

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