How to get the best results when advertising via pop-under ads?

PopUnderSTAR Published on November 27th, 2021
  • 7 minutes read

For most marketeers pop-under traffic is not the right choice when they are aiming for the highest possible conversion rate, however, we at PopUnderSTAR would like to prove them wrong and explain why this is a mistake when it comes to the traffic we are selling.

Our team has been working in this industry for over 10 years now and we know and understand the pain of trying to convert and for this reason our platform has an integrated algorithm that will automate the whole process for you and insure that you get your desired ROI.

PopUnderSTAR's automated optimization algorithm

With PopUnderSTAR, when you create a campaign you have the option to specify the minimum conversion rate you are willing to accept for your campaign as well as the maximum conversion price as presented in the image below.

Setting any of the mentioned values will trigger the automated optimization process that will block any source which does not meet your criteria.

The base volume upon which the optimization algorithm is triggered 10 000 ad views per each individual source.

It is important to mention that using our automated optimization features requires you to install our conversion pixel or server to server postback. If neither of the previously mentioned are installed your campaign will eventually stop receiving traffic because all sources will be blocked for not meeting the imposed criteria.

To find out how to install the conversion pixel or server to server postback please visit our Advertiser Documentation section.

Further tracking

Besides the automated optimization that our platform offers, you can also keep track of all the traffic your campaigns receives on it's landing page with the help of our so called "Tracking variables". These values are thoroughly explained within the Advertiser Documentation section, and using them will allow you to manually optimize your campaign for the best possible results.

We hope that this article gave you a rough idea of the importance with which we treat the ROI for our advertisers. For any other questions do not hesitate to contact one of our live support agents.

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