How to make money with PopUnderSTAR without having a website?

PopUnderSTAR Published on November 17th, 2021
  • 5 minutes read

As you might have noticed, we, at PopUnderSTAR like to think outside the box and use unique systems and algorithms developed entirely by our team with the sole purpose of providing a better service to our clients and members.

In this article we'll offer you an unique opportunity which will allow you to add a substantial amount to your personal monthly budget.

The concept

Just like any other company out there, PopUnderSTAR allocates a monthly budget to advertising it's own services, however, as you may have noticed, we like to think outside the box and use our monthly advertising budget rather differently.

PopUnderSTAR uses it's own advertising budget to create the so called "promo campaigns" which are meant to spread the word about our platform and services. These promo campaigns consist in forum posts, Twitter posts and replies and Facebook posts, which our members create and for which they get paid.

The only requirement to start earning right now is for you to create an account with PopUnderSTAR.

Benefits of earning money with PopUnderSTAR
  • Instead of spending our montly budget to advertise with Google / Facebook / etc, we use it to pay our own members to advertise our services, which means the payout is quite substantial.

  • We create promo campaigns very often. These campaigns are meant to promote our platform and services, therefor the money you earn are constant.

  • In return for the exposure that our platform and services receive we reward the members that contributed with real money which can be withdrawn instantly.

The idea behind this ingenious system belongs to a very close friend of ours, mr. Bogdan Gabriel Tache, and we'd like to give him the well deserved credit for it, as well as our most sincere thanks.

How to get started?
  1. Register an account on our platform then under the "Activity rewards" section go to "Bonuses & Rewards".

  2. Sign up to our push notifications so you are instantly informed when a new promo campaign is up because they only last a few hours.

  3. When a new campaign is live, follow the instructions of that respective campaign and complete the required task. ( Example: a Twitter reply, a Facebook comment, a forum post etc. )

  4. After completing the required task for that respective campaign, click the "Complete & send proof" button.

  5. Offer the proof as required within the instructions ( Example: Twitter reply embed code, forum post URL etc. )

  6. A moderator validates your proof and your account is credited with points.

  7. Once a campaign ends the funds allocated for that particular campaign are distributed to members based on their accumulated points and their PopUnderSTAR accounts are credited.

  8. You can now withdraw your accumulated earnings.

But hey! What better way to demonstrate the pure magic behind all of this than actually doing it?

Get started right now!

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