Why is pop-under advertising the best ad format for brand awareness?

PopUnderSTAR Published on December 1st, 2021
  • 5 minutes read

There is a common misconception that brand awareness is only suited for big companies with big budgets. These big players will usually make their brand well known through classic advertising such as TV or radio advertising and this kind of advertising requires lots of money.

But what exactly is brand awareness?
Brand awareness is a broad phrase that refers to how familiar (aware) people are with a brand or its products. Simply said, brand awareness measures how memorable and identifiable a brand is to its target audience.

Brand awareness ultimately leads to the best possible advertising method out there, which by the way can not be paid for, the word of mouth and the reason why big companies spend huge money into making themselves known to their potential customers.

But how to pull it off as a start-up or with limited budget?

This is when pop-under advertising comes into discussion. The fact that pop-under traffic is considerably cheaper than any other ad format makes it the perfect solution.

Let's do a quick comparison for you to better understand the benefits. We will assume that a start-up has a budget of $1000.00 USD. If they were to create a campaign with Adwords or Facebook ads for example they would have to pay around $0.50 USD per click. This means that their landing page would get a total of 2000 views.

With pop-under advertising for $0.50 USD you can buy 1000 landing page views. This means that our startup will receive 2 000 000 landing page views.

Of course, one could argue that the traffic received from pop-unders would not be as targeted and interest based as the traffic from Adwords or Facebook ads, which is true, but there's an old saying, once you saw something you can't unsee it, which means that the $1000.00 USD pop-under campaign reached 2 million people that are now aware of that particular product, thus our start-up made them aware of their brand.

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