Frequently Askwed Questions

  for Publishers  


Most of the websites are acceptable as long as they comply with our Terms of Service and Publisher Regulation.

We prioritize top level domain websites, however, in some special cases, when a subdomain website is well built and has enough traffic, we will consider approving it.

We judge a website by the way it is built and it's content. We do not impose a minimum volume of traffic for a website to be approved because we consider that anyone deserves a chance.

We usually verify and approve websites within a couple of hours, however, during legal holidays and vacation the approval process can take up to 48 hours.


Simply edit the source code of your pages and copy / paste our code anywhere within the source code. The position does not matter. This action requires some basic web development knowledge.

1. Go to your WP admin
2. Under the Appearance section go to Widgets
3. Select Custom HTML then click Add widget
4. Copy / paste our integration code inside the content. The title can be left blank.
5. Click save.

You can also do it like explained in this guide : https://html-online.com/articles/how-to-add-custom-html-wordpress/

For the best performance we recommend that you include it within all your pages.

Campaigns & Coverage

We use a real time bidding system. This means that the rates are adjusted all the time, however our system guarantees that the highest paying campaign will be displayed to a visitor at any time.

Yes we do. We are proud to state that we offer close to 100% fill rate worldwide.

Earnings & Payments

At the moment we use PayPal and Wire Transfers, however, our team is actively working on adding new payment processors.

For PayPal the minimum amount is $10.00 USD and for Wire Transfer, $500.00 USD.

We believe that the money earned by the publisher should be in their pocket, therefor instead of imposing NET terms we offer payments on request. This means that you can withdraw whenever you want as long as you have reached the minimum required amount.

We usually process payments within maximum 5 business days.

Suspension & Denial

If your website was previously approved and at some later point denied it can be due to one of the following :

  • You sent traffic that does not comply to our terms and regulation. E.g. incentivized traffic.
  • You've modified your website in a way that breaks our terms and regulation.
  • An advertiser filed a complaint regarding your traffic. ( In this case the advertiser will be refunded from your outstanding balance ).
  • The traffic you were sending was categorized as bot traffic. ( Traffic that comes from known hosting providers or that is not real human traffic ).

You can not. Once a website has been denied the process is irreversible.


We usually reject websites that have multiple pop-ups or pop-unders integrated, but in some cases we may agree / approve websites on a case by case basis.

We do not restrict or impose the publisher in any way regarding of the content of their website. Whether this goes both ways when it comes to Google Adsense you should read their terms and conditions.

No. PopUnderSTAR does not offer a traditional pop-under integration that may indeed harm the ranking of your website. Instead we took a different, UX oriented approach that does not harm the user experience nor it affects the ranking of your website.